What Are Apple Watch Bands Made Of?

Are You an Apple Watch user? If yes, you must also learn about the Apple Watch band materials, Right? Apple watches are getting more and more popular day by day due to their unique features. 

A watchband is vital to keep the Apple watch around your wrist. However, there is a vast diversity in the Apple watch band variety, which differs in their material. Different material bands are specific to the specific routine.

If you want to enhance the glamour of your Apple Watch, then you should choose a classic watch band for it. Watch Bands are made of different materials, like leather, stainless steel, rubber, etc. Each band material has its particular worth, and you can’t deny its importance.¬†Also, different bands are made for different purposes, some are the best apple watch bands for working out, some are the best apple watch bands for sensitive skin, and some are the best apple watch bands for running.

Different watch brands available and competing in the market are made up of different materials. However, it’s better for you to know about the materials these companies use to make a watchband. Here are the few most common watch band materials used in the market:


Leather watch bands come on the market in various styles and colours. These are generally the casual strap material option made up of cowhide. However, specific luxurious leather options are also made from exotic species like crocodiles and kangaroo. Leather watch bands are known for their softness, comfortability and assured durability.

Do you know what genuine leather is? Genuine leather is an animal hide that is tanned properly. The unique feel and look separate genuine leather from the same-looking copies. Generally, leather is a permeable material, so it will absorb water if not treated with chemical additives. 

It is an excellent choice of material if you want your Apple watch band to wear on formal occasions. It improves the glamour of your personality and could be everyday wear. If you take good care, it might last longer than expected.

Metal and Stainless Steel

Metal is one of the most common materials used in the Apple watch bands. These watch bands come in various delicate styles, outlooks, designs and colours. Metal watch bands have a wide variety; either you can find a basic metal band made of stainless steel, or you can also find gold, silver and platinum-like precious metals too.

 The metal bracelets would be of solid gold, or generally, they are plated gold to reduce the price.  Sometimes the band makers make stainless steel bracelets with the alternating links of solid golds and stainless steel. The metal straps are strong, quite more durable and resist corrosion. However, the major con of metal bands is that they can get scratched easily. 

Bands made of stainless steel are considered hard-wearing and known for their weather resistance nature. You can get a bracelet, Milanese or a Chainmail with intercalated rings. However, the stainless steel band could be relatively heavier, and you can’t wear them for longer durations.


Canvas is also a widely used material for making the watchbands, and it resembles nylon a lot in feel and style. However, nylon is synthetic, while canvas generally uses natural material. But, there are synthetic canvas fabrics too available in the market.

Canvas is the material used to make watch bands specifically for diving and sports watches. It is a plain-woven fabric and can make anything from camp tents to boat sales. It is waterproof in nature; however, adding a special coating boosts its waterproof properties.

Canvas is a highly comfortable, flexible, breathable and soft material. It is pretty durable and resistant to rips and tears. Canvas is generally made from cotton and then combined with Polyvinyl chloride to add extra strength. Also, it comes in different colours like brown, blue, red etc.


Nylon is another prevalent material used for the Apple watch bands. Nylon generally has a soft, silky texture as it is a thermoplastic material in nature. Nylon watch bands are practical options, as it is comfortable, lightweight, easily washable and breathable.

Why would I Choose the Nylon Watchband for my Apple watch? Out of many reasons, the durability of the Nylon band is the answer to this most common question. Nylon won’t rip off even if you stretch it in any direction you want. It is resistant, and you can wear the nylon band either in extreme temperatures or under bright sunlight.

The modern market used two types of Nylon to develop the watch bands.


As the name indicates, it gets its origin from the military. This strap has the capacity to withstand the vigorous activities of military personnel. Nato strap comes up with different designs and colours, ranging from plain nylon fabric to advanced designed nylon fabrics.

Zulu Strap

Nato strap is modified to develop the Zulu strap. It’s a lot stronger material and can resist tears, rips and environmental influences. The Zulu strap has an extra loop, a differential feature from the Nato strap.


Rubber is one of the most popular optional materials used for making watch bands. It is usually associated with activities like sports, racing and diving. Rubber watch bands come for digital and smartwatches, especially for divers. 

Generally, it’s possible to make the watchband from naturally available rubber, but this process is done rarely. Primarily the band makers utilise the synthetic rubber option as it helps to save some more pennies. There are two types of rubber used by the local watchband makers.

Silicone Rubber

It has a soft texture and is a quite comfortable rubber option. It suits the outer environment and is non-toxic. It has better stretchability to fit around your wrist, having remarkable elasticity. However, it might break if stretched too far due to low tensile strength.

Polyurethane Rubber

This rubber option is stronger than the silicone. Most of the rubber bands are made from this, as it is a lot more comfortable and flexible. In terms of softness, it falls behind silicone. However, it has more durability compared to silicone.

Rubber watch bands are generally water and sweat resistant, suitable for an active lifestyle. Always look for a rubber band with breathable pores to allow adequate ventilation. Also, this material does not get scratched easily and is shock-resistant, so used widely.

Bottom Line

Different materials are popular in the market for making watchbands; each one is specific for a particular activity. However, you should know about the watchband material before choosing one. If you have to wear the Apple watch on formal occasions, you would surely go for the leather band or stainless steel band instead of the Sports Rubberband.