How to Make Apple Watch Vibrate Only

Apple Watch leads the club when it comes to smartwatches. Apart from limiting your screen time, the apple watch keeps you on track towards an active and healthy life. Although the apple watch has a great way of interacting with the user, the chime or beep for every notification can sometimes be a nuisance.

That’s why most people get fed up with the constant notification beeps and look for ways to keep their apple watch silent and vibrating. Fortunately, just as the silent ‘vibration only’ feature works on your iPhone, you can make your apple watch vibrate only for every notification.

However, the process is not as smooth as in the iPhone. You might also have to tweak through some settings on your apple watch and iPhone. Here’s how you can keep yourself undisturbed every time a notification surfaces.

3 Ways How to Make Apple Watch Vibrate Only

You are bestowed with the options to keep your apple watch in the quiet mode, namely, silent mode, theatre mode, and do not disturb mode. Despite how similar they may appear, each mode is slightly different.

All three modes can be accessed from the control center, with a swipe up from the bottom of your apple watch screen. If you are unable to find the desired option on the screen, try flipping the screen over or rotating the crown located on the right side. Let’s understand how these modes can keep your apple watch silent.

Silent Mode

As the name suggests, silent mode puts your watch under silent mode. Instead of beeping or chiming at a notification alert, the smartwatch will vibrate only, keeping you calm and collected. Activating the silent mode is fairly straightforward, as you can turn it on and off with a single bell icon tap.

Theatre Mode

The mode is primarily an extension of the silent mode. Apart from keeping your watch silent, theatre mode also shuts off the watch’s display. This means your watch will no longer beep or light up with a notification alert but will only vibrate. Tap the comedy/tragedy icon to activate theatre mode.

Do not disturb

The mode works by turning off the haptics of your smartwatch. Once enabled, you will receive no notifications apart from the health updates and alarms. You can activate and deactivate the mode by tapping on the crescent moon option on your watch.

Manage Haptic Feedback on Apple Watch

The way your apple watch interacts with the user is called haptic feedback. The haptic feedback governs how the watch responds to user interference through small beeps and sometimes vibration. The haptic feedback is enabled in the default settings. While some users get used to the feedback, others consider it nothing more than a bother. Luckily, you can manage and disable the haptic feedback feature and keep nuisance at bay. Here’s how:

  • Press the digital crown of your apple watch to open the home screen layout.
  • Tap on the settings displayed as a small silver cog button on the screen.
  • Scroll down until you find the “Sound and Haptics” menu and click it.
  • In the Sound and Haptics menu, look for the haptic alerts option. The mode is enabled if the slider next to the option is green. Tap the slider to disable the haptic alerts.

In case the haptic feedback doesn’t feel like a pester, you can personalize it according to your preference. Tap on the prominent option below the haptic alerts to fluctuate the feedback. The watch will vibrate accordingly as you change the option, helping you determine what works best for you.

Making Apple Watch Vibrate Only From iPhone

Once you sync your apple watch with your iPhone, you can control and manage haptics feedback right from your iPhone in three simple steps.

  • Open the apple watch app on your iPhone.
  • Select the ‘my watch’ option located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the ‘Sounds and Haptics’ option. Here, you can enable or disable the haptic alerts and set the feedback to prominent. The selected option will show a tick mark in front to show they are activated.

While you activate the “Do not Disturb” mode on your apple watch, you will continue getting updates and notifications on your iPhone. Make sure to link the apple watch settings with your iPhone, to activate the mode on your handheld device. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open the apple watch app on your iPhone and click on general.
  • Click the “Do not disturb” option in the menu.
  • Enable the “Mirror iPhone” button. This will activate the “Do not disturb” option on your iPhone as well as the apple watch, allowing you to control the settings from either device.

While enabling the “do not disturb” mode, you can also select the duration period of the mode. You can link it with your location as well. This will automatically disable the mode as soon as you leave the place. If you have an event scheduled up in your calendar, simply align the mode with the event, and it will automatically engage and disengage in the duration of the event.

Control Apple Watch Vibration for Notifications

In addition to making your apple watch vibrate only for notifications instead of emitting sound beeps, you can also control the way notifications are presented on your smartwatch. Apple watch lets you select apps that are allowed to show applications on the screen. Not just that, you can also determine the type of sound and its intensity for each notification. Here’s the step by step procedure for notification control:

  1. Open the apple watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the My Watch menu on the app.
  3. Tap on the notification bar to see the list of installed apps on your apple watch.

If you want to restrict the app from sending notifications on your smartwatch, tap on it and select custom settings. Now tap on the ‘notifications off’ setting. 


  1. Can I mirror my apple watch with my iPhone on silent?

Yes, you can mirror your Apple watch with the iPhone for easy accessibility and silent controls. You can sync both devices to operate and engage the “do not disturb” feature from either device. Simply open the apple watch app on your iPhone and go to ‘my watch.’ Choose general and turn on the mirror iPhone. You can activate the ‘do not disturb’ option from there as well.

2. What are haptic alerts on the apple watch?

Haptic alerts are your apple watch’s way of interacting with you and responding to your commands. It is either through sound beeps or vibration, your choice. You can increase or decrease the haptic alert intensity and turn it off if it bothers you.

3. Does the apple watch vibrate in silent mode?

You can engage in silent mode on your apple watch by tapping on the bell icon on the gallery. Once activated, silent mode will filter sound beeps and chimes and will only notify you via vibrations putting your apple watch on vibrate-only mode.

4. Can I customize notifications on the apple watch?

Yes, you can customize notifications on your apple watch. You have the freedom to allow and restrict apps from sending you notifications on your apple watch. Although the process is done through the iPhone, it is fairly easy. Open the apple watch app on your iPhone and go to ‘my watch.’ Scroll down and tap on the notification option to get a list of apps installed on your phone. Here you can select which apps to allow sending notifications on your smartwatch.

5. What is the difference between “theatre mode” and “do not disturb” on the apple watch?

The ‘theatre mode’ and ‘do not disturb’ are two ways of only putting your apple watch on vibration. Theatre mode restricts beeping and screen display when a notification pops on the watch. It interacts with the user through vibration only. Whereas ‘do not disturb’ is more like a watch switch off. You will not get any notifications at all for a specific period of your choosing.

Concluding Note

Apple watch is more user-friendly and easy-to-manage, as you previously thought. If the alarm beeps, notification beeps, and health alerts feel like a nuisance to you, no worries. You can put your apple watch on vibrate-only mode and make haptic alerts stronger to an intensity you are comfortable with.

You can also sync your apple watch with your iPhone and control the way your watch interacts with you. Moreover, the Apple watch allows you to allow or restrict apps to send notifications on your apple watch.