How To Change The Apple Watch Band (Series 7/6/SE/5/4/3/2/1)

Apple watches are a customized personal accessory equipped with excellent features. It not only helps you to check the vital parameter around your wrist, but also you can connect it with a mobile phone. Apple watches offer unique and attractive functions compared to the other traditional alternative smartwatches.

Apple watches are incomplete without compatible watchbands, and you have to change the band frequently. Suppose you are going on a formal occasion; you won’t go with the sports band. You have to change the apple watchband and replace the sports band with the leather band.

How to change the Apple watchband? You might also get confused in this situation. However, you don’t need to worry about it. Only a little awareness can help you to change the watchband by yourself. Or else, you can read the changing protocol in the instruction manual of your watch band too.

I Want To Change My Apple Watch Band; How To Change?

It’s quite easy to replace your old Apple watch band with the new one all by yourself. You don’t need to go to a professional if you know the few basics. Follow these simple instructions for changing the apple watch band:

Surface Preparation:

Preparation of the surface where you will change the band is crucial to ensure the protection of the precious Apple watch casing.  For this, select a working table and cover it with a soft microfiber cover to prevent the watch case from any kind of scratch.

Old Band Releasing by Pressing The Release Button Of Apple Watchband:

Firstly, lose the watch band around your wrist to move it freely and remove the watch from the wrist.  Then follow the following steps very carefully:

  • Firstly, turn down the watch face and observe the two release buttons, which are thin and elongated, one at the bottom and another at the top. Always consider holding the watch carefully in your hands and keeping its casing facing down towards the soft clothing surface.
  • Now press either the release button and move the band right or left. The band will slide off the watch body if the button is pressed correctly.
  • Slide the band across the watch body and gently remove the watch band from the Apple watch. 

What if I get difficulty in removing my Apple watch band? If you feel any trouble while removing the old band, keep pressing either of the release buttons. Band nature varies greatly; some are easy to remove, while others may trigger the difficulty and get stuck in the watch casing.

Adding The New Band:

Take out your new band, and keenly look for the point in the center which would lock in the watch casing later on. You will find a small plastic mass in the center of the band, which secures the watch by entering on both sides of the watch body.

However, do not exert strong force to fit the band inside the watch. Press the release button if you are having trouble inserting it.  You would hear a clicking sound when the band fits perfectly in its place. However, better to read the manual for the exact instructions or read these stepwise instructions:

  • Firstly understand the exact position of the new band you are going to put in. if not attached properly, the loop or other feature of the band may flip upside down or come backwards.
  • Now place the new band in the corresponding position of the watch. The clicking sound is the confirmatory feature that the band fixes correctly into the watch. To ensure the correct attachment, twist the band side by side, but don’t press the release button while checking.
  • Check the watch band in the same pattern for the other side.

Always remember to double-check the new band before wearing your Apple watch. Otherwise, if the band doesn’t fit correctly into the exact position, the watch might fall off and break. Even after double-checking, and wearing it over the wrist, hold it and give some time to assure further protection.

Bottom Line:

Your outfits are generally incomplete without adequate accessories. So if you have an Apple watch, you surely need to change the watchband at some stage of your life. However, if you know how to change the watchband, it might save you from many difficulties, and you can change the band without any assistance.