How Do Apple Watch Competitions Work

Apple smartwatches are beautifully designed with some incredible features. Nowadays almost everyone uses Apple watches as they become popular with each passing day.

Before knowing, how Apple watch competitions work, you need to understand what are the activities of these competitions and how you can adapt them to make things work in your favor.

How It Works:

The most amazing thing about this activity competition is that through this you can earn points by completing an activity ring. There are always 2 competitors competing with each other because Apple doesn’t allow more than 2 competitors for the competition.

At the end of the competition, the one who secured more scores will win it. It lasts for about a week and at the end of 24 hours, you have to get at least 600 points.

During this competition, the winner gets 2 badges; one for participating in the competition while the other for winning the competition as a victory badge. However, a participating badge is given to both of the participants because of participation while a victory badge is given only to the winner of the competition.

Apple Watch Competitions:

Apple watch competitions are known as Activity competitions. In simple words, it is defined as the competitions which are done weekly in which you are participating and show your Apple watch activity to the people you want to share with.

At the end of the week, the one who scores the highest is considered a winner. Now the most important thing we have to discuss here is how you scored high points.

Now let me explain it. It is about closing the ring. Therefore, the more you close the rings the more you have a chance of becoming the winner.

Apple Watch Activity:

There are a variety of activities or tasks you can easily do on a smartwatch of Apple. It monitors and tracks your movement; walking, and other exercises throughout the day and motivates you to maintain your fitness, and helps you to meet your fitness goals.

Apple watches activity includes the monitoring of standing time, movement, and how many hours you are spending on doing exercises. 

Moreover, it also monitors SpO4 and pulse rate as well. The series 7 of the Apple watch is available in the market with various advanced technologies and in an upgraded form.

This activity competition with your competitors helps you to be fit and maintain your health and fitness. It also shows your competitor activities as well and their score so that you become motivated and do activities for maintaining your health and fitness.

Method To Start Apple Watch Activity Competition:

After knowing the activity competition, you must know how to start it as it’s very simple.

First of all, you have to open an activity app on your Apple Watch. Then, swipe and tap your contact list and send a competition invitation to your friend with whom you want to share your activity. 

The people from your contact list would tap back to your invitation will start sharing their activity with you. However, before sending invitations just keep in your mind that this activity competition invitation is only applicable for Apple users. 

Score Of Apple Watch Activity Competition: 

Before starting the Apple Watch activity competition, you should know how to calculate the score. Here’s we are explaining a simple method for your ease and understanding; you can get 1 point for every percentage which you get on your ring.

Like if you have closed 1 ring and completed it 100%, you get 100 points and if you close 3 rings and complete 300%, you can get 300 points.

The End Of Competition:

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t care about your forbearance. Once you have participated and started the competition, there isn’t an option to get back until the competition ends.

However, there are some alternatives for your ease if you want to end the competition. Some are briefly described as under:

  • You can hide your activity by clicking the hide option. It wouldn’t be visible to your competitor. However, you can’t hide your score from the competitor or activity partner.
  • The other one is the mute option. If you don’t want the existence of competition, just tap the mute option once and you wouldn’t get any notification regarding the competition.

Win The Apple Watch Competition:

There are various strategies to win the Apple Watch activity competition with the help of different rings. For instance, the moving ring, the exercise ring, and the stand ring.


1.     What are the rules of the Apple Watch competition?

It’s a basic rule of the Apple Watch competition that you can earn points by filling your activity ring. For every percent, you can get each point like on 100% you can get 100 points. It’s a 7 days competition and you can earn around 600 points per day. After the competition, the one who secured the highest score will be declared the winner of the competition.

2.     What happens if you both tie in the Apple Watch Activity competition?

You have to make up to a max of 4200 points in seven days competition. If you and your competitor both made 4200 points then the competition will become a tie among both of you and no one would be declared as a winner of the competition.

3.     Are the challenges the same in the Apple Watch competition for everyone?

No, the challenges are not the same. These are different for everyone during competition according to their previous workout, exercises, and scoring. As the competition proceeds the challenges become tough and workload increases so you get more fitness.

Final Thoughts:

It is concluded that the Apple watch activity competition works by competing with a partner. If you want to get fit and maintain your health by burning calories, workout, moving, walking, etc. By using Apple Watch competitions, you can become a winner by securing the highest score.