Will Apple Watch Bands Fit Your Galaxy Watch?

If you’ve picked out the perfect band for your smartwatch but aren’t sure whether or not it will fit on your specific device, it could be frustrating to find out it’s NOT compatible. The type of band you wear on your smartwatch can vary widely by the type of material it’s made from, it’s length and width, and lug style. Certain smartwatch brands, such as Apple or Samsung, will only support certain types of straps for their various models.

Before buying a band, it’s important to check these things:

  • Band Material: Pick a band material that matches what you’ll be using the smartwatch for. If you’re using it primarily for fitness tracking, you’ll probably want to go with a silicone band over a leather band. 
  • Band Width: Every smartwatch has a specific band width that is compatible with it. 
  • Lug Type: This can be described as the mechanism connects your smartwatch to your watch bands.
  • Band Length: You may see smartwatch bands come in ‘small’, ‘medium’, or ‘large’ sizes. This is referring to the band length in relationship to your wrist’s circumference.

These are the primary factors to look at when deciding to get an extra band for your smartwatch. So how is the cross-compatibility between major smartwatch brands? 

If you’re a Samsung smartwatch user, will an Apple Watch band will fit your Galaxy Watch?

At this time, Apple Watch bands are not compatible with any other Smartwatch brands. Apple designs their bands to only fit Apple Watches. Most of the other smartwatch brands universally use a quick-release lug style, including Samsung. 

Which Bands Fit On A Galaxy Watch?

While Apple Watch bands are specifically designed to fit Apple Watches, most other Smartwatch brands utilize the industry-standard quick-release lug. This makes it much easier to find the right band for your needs, or if you switch smartwatch brands, your bands will still be compatible.

The size of your watch body will dictate your watch band size, which can vary within models. The most common band size across various smartwatch brands is a 22mm band, but it can range anywhere from 18mm to 24mm. 

Here are the particular band widths for the Galaxy Watch line:

Most watch bands are compatible with the Galaxy Watch, just follow this guide when selecting the band that will fit on your specific Galaxy Watch model. As stated above, Apple Watch bands have a different band lug, meaning they will NOT fit on your Galaxy Watch.

As you can see in the below images, the lugs are entirely different:

Quick-release lug used on the Galaxy Watch:

galaxy watch band lug

Lug unique to Apple Watches:

We have found that it’s slightly easier to replace watch straps with the quick-release lug versus the Apple Watch band lug. You do not need tools for either of these styles, and both of them make it very easy to switch out your watch bands per occasion.

Best Apple Watch Band Alternatives

Well if you had your eyes on an Apple Watch band but can’t get it since it wouldn’t be compatible with your watch, there are some great alternatives out there that will work on your Galaxy Watch. Some of those Apple Watch brand straps could end up costing quite a bit money, so this could also be a good cost-effective strategy for you.

Here’s a list of Galaxy Watch Bands that are great cheap alternatives to popular Apple Watch bands.

silicon galaxy watch band

Samsung Galaxy Silicone Sport Band (20mm)

This band is identical to Nike’s Sport Band for Apple Watch. The Apple Watch version of this band is $49, while the Samsung Galaxy version is only $7.99. While they’re both a breathable, silicone design, the Nike Sports Band for Apple Watch is a higher-quality silicone. That being said, the majority of the cost comes from the ‘Nike’ label on it, so the Samsung Galaxy Watch Sport Band is much more cost-effective for what you get.

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Samsung Galaxy Stainless Steel Mesh Band (20mm)

This style is common among Apple Watch users and would look really clean on a Galaxy Watch. This band comes in multiple colors, including black, silver, rose gold, rainbow, and more. It can be compared to Apple’s Milanese Loop Band, which runs upwards of $100. You can get this Samsung Galaxy Stainless Steel Mesh band for just $13.99 on Amazon.

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galaxy watch slim leather band strap

Samsung Galaxy Slim Leather Band (20mm)

If you have a smaller wrist, you might prefer a slimmer watch band. This slim leather strap could be the pick for you if that’s the case. In addition, this particular model comes in 14 different colors/designs, so there’s something there for everyone. Get this slim leather band in the color of your choice for only $10.79 on Amazon.

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galaxy watch stainless steel wood trim

Samsung Galaxy Stainless Steel With Wood (22mm)

The stainless steel/sandalwood look is unique but really classy on Galaxy Watches. Since it has wood in it, this watch strap is NOT waterproof, so try to avoid getting it wet. It has a metal butterfly clasp which is common among stainless steel bands. Despite it’s bulkier appearance, it is surprisingly lightweight. Since it is a 22mm band, it is only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm) model. Get this band with either silver steel or black steel for $26.99 on Amazon

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samsung galaxy watch hybrid leather and silicon band

*OUR PICK: Hybrid Sports Band Vintage Leather Sweatproof Strap (20mm)

This band is the best multi-purpose Galaxy Watch band that can be worn in most scenarios. Working out? The black silicone interior is sweat-proof. Going out? The vintage leather exterior gives it a formal, classy look. Complete with a high-quality anodized black stainless steel buckle, this will be the only band you’ll need for your Galaxy Watch. Get this off Amazon with either brown or black leather, or get a fully pink hybrid band. This band is currently on sale for $18.60.

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If you were hoping to get an Apple Watch band that you liked for your Galaxy Watch, you will have to seek for alternatives that have the quick-release lug that is generally the universal standard among most Smartwatch bands. 

Luckily, there are plenty of third-party bands that mimic the styles and looks of popular Apple Watch bands on the market. These alternatives are far more cost-effective so you will be sacrificing some element of quality, but they are still great options for all Galaxy Watch users. 

Which band will you roll with?

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