The Best Smartwatches Under $100

The smartwatch market is a rapidly expanding industry that is constantly adding new functionalities. Unfortunately, many of the name-brand smartwatches run a pretty hefty price-tag which can turn some individuals away from them.

Luckily, there are some excellent smartwatch options that will give you many of the same features but will keep your bank account happy. Here are the best smartwatches under $100.

The Top 8 Smartwatches Under $100

Here we have compiled 8 of the top affordable smartwatches that can be purchased for under $100. For a list of the top overall smartwatches on the market, check out our Smartwatch Rankings:

smartwatch under $100

Price: $29.99

Umidigi uWatch 2

Budget: Under $30

This smartwatch has a very appealing design considering it’s price tag. It comes in both black and gold depending on your preference.

While it silently ticks away on your wrist, it will track your steps, heart rate, and sleep stages. The human body experiences both light and deep sleep, both are essential to your health so that feature is a plus. 

The Umidigi uWatch 2 edition is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and comes with Bluetooth capabilities. What’s more, you will get approximately 10 days of use before you have to reach for the charger.


  • One of its listed features is that it is waterproof. There are mixed reviews on that so you might want to hold off on wearing it to the pool.

top smartwatch under 100

Price: $34.99

Letsfit Smartwatch

Budget: Under $40

If you like to have your playlists thumping in your ear during your workout session, this is one affordable smartwatch option for you. It allows you to control your music from your wrist and its battery life will still serve you for about 10 days.

With the Letsfit smartwatch, you will get a tracking report on your heart rate, sleep patterns, and the number of calories you burn in a day. When you have not been active enough, the sedentary reminder will certainly let you know. Uniquely, as opposed to other bargain smartwatches, it comes with a reproductive cycle tracker.

It comes in black and blue variations. Android and iOS are a go.


  • For all it’s amazing features, the precision of measurements is not the best it can be.
  • It is only splash resistant and not waterproof.

gokoo smartwatch on a budget

Price: $49.99


Budget: $50

For its cost, the Gokoo smartwatch packs a noteworthy feature that monitors your blood pressure alongside your heart rate. It is a distinction that some smartwatches do not have and can be essential if you are hypertensive. Steps, calories burned, and your quality of sleep will also still be monitored.

In terms of activity, there are 12 active sport modes you can choose from to vary your exercises. For swimmers, if you can stay within a 1.5-meter depth, the device will remain intact. 

Notably, Gokoo has both male and female editions to provide more specific health features. The female edition comes with reproductive health tracking. 

Both are Android and iOS compatible.


  • Unfortunately, the precision of this smartwatch is also not quite up to scratch.
  • Blood pressure monitoring only features on the men’s edition.

best smartwatch under 100 dollars

Price: $49.99

Naturehike For Android

Budget: Under $60

The Naturehike for Android is built for resilient use and you can change to more durable straps if you would like to. Still, on user experience, it is one of the few smartwatches with multilingual support. With this budget smartwatch, you can also receive and address notifications at the tap of your wrist.

The standard parameters for sleep, calorie burn, and heart rate are all monitored. However, the breathing training feature stands out. It would be highly useful if you have episodes of anxiety or find yourself in high-stress environments. The sedentary reminder will spur you to get active.

The Naturehike makes outdoor fitness easier and more fun. You can use it to measure altitude when hiking while its GPS and compass abilities keep you from wandering off.


  • The name of the device may be a bit misleading given as it supports both iOS and Android. 
  • For such a sporty watch, it only has splash resistance and is not waterproof.

cheap smartwatch options

Price: $69.99

Amazfit Bip S

Budget: $70

Amazfit Bip S is one of the most popular budget smartwatches. You can see why the moment you turn it on and it’s transflective display is kind to your eyes. No more headaches from glaring brightness if you choose to get this device.

The health assessment system, unique to the device, will give you a more wholesome report on your health and not just statistics. Nonetheless, if you like to get your steps in and meet your goals as that feature is included too.

Both Android and Apple users get to go swimming with the Amazfit Bip S. Yes, leap for joy, this smartwatch is reliably water-resistant. On average usage, it will keep running for up to 2 weeks on a single charge.


  • In terms of physical design and material quality, there is certainly room for improvement.

fitness tracker under one hundred dollars

Price: $56.00

Samsung Galaxy Fit

Budget: Under $60

Quick question, how many cups of coffee have you had today? No judgment here, sometimes you just need some extra fuel for your day, right? Still, moderation is important too and this is the perfect device to help you stay in check: it monitors and gives you feedback on your caffeine and water intake.

On the Samsung Galaxy Fit, any abnormal heart rate recordings will trigger a real-time alert for caution. It is a useful safety measure if your cardiovascular health needs close monitoring. The typical parameters of sleep patterns and exercise statistics are still accounted for.

You can choose to link the device to the Samsung health app. Speaking of which, even though it is a Samsung device, iOS is still accommodated. The battery will last you 7 days depending on usage.


  • In order to get the best user experience, you would have to customize the small screen display. 
  • The setup process is, generally, rather bumpy.

Which Affordable Smartwatch Is For You?

Keeping fit and enjoying the benefits of a smartwatch doesn’t have to mean dropping hundreds of dollars on a piece of tech. There are many available options that are budget friendly and can still offer many of the health and fitness tracking features as any other smartwatch would. 

Features such as step counting, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and more are available on most of the above listed smartwatches, the exact specifications for them can be found on their product pages. 

These can also be a great gift for a friend or family member as most of these work with both iOS and Android and are the best budget smartwatch options on the market.