Battle of the Bands: Solo Loop vs. Sport Band

Apple watch is not just another smartwatch; it has become a popular fashion icon. Is it really the square-shaped OLED screen that appeals so much to people? Maybe, but let’s not forget the stunning interchangeable bands that come with the Apple Watch.

Luckily, multiple bands are available, so you can get the one that compliments your style. They are made of premium materials, and you will notice them right after trying them.

Two of the most popular band options in this regard are the Solo Loop (best apple watch band for sensitive skin) and the Sport Band (Best Apple Watch bands for working out). We will dive into both of them to see their pros and cons and decide which one is worth buying.

The Solo Loop

Solo Loop was first introduced by Apple on September 16, 2020, and became an instant hit. Apple has released multiple bands for Apple Watch over the years, and Solo Loop is at the top of them. It is built as a single unit in solid colors.


One of the problems you face at the outset is choosing the size that fits you well. It comes in 1 to 9 for a 40mm Watch and 4 to 12 for a 44mm Watch. However, there are two ways around this problem.

First, you can download a printable guide from Apple’s website, which will help you decide which size is right for you. It includes instructions about measuring your wrist size. Second, you can visit your nearest Apple Store and try the band yourself, where a specialist will guide you.

Design, Colors, and Material

The design of Solo Loop is simple and elegant. Apple provides the Solo Loop in seven different colors giving customers a large variety to choose from. These colors are Dark Cherry, English Lavender, Abyss Blue, Marigold, Clover, Chalk Pink, and Starlight.

It is a light and thin band, which won’t cause any discomfort even during prolonged wearing. It is made of silicone, and you can clean it easily if it gets dirty, which is not true for other watchbands.


It is an exceptional band when it comes to fit. It blends seamlessly with your wrist, and you do not even notice that it is there. It does not have any clasp, so there is no chance of catching it on something and dropping your Apple Watch.,

Solo Loop will keep everything secure wherever you go. For instance, you do not have to worry about it getting wet or not securing your Apple Watch during swimming. Just wear it and dive effortlessly.

Solo Loop is among the most comfortable watch bands you will ever try. It conforms perfectly to your wrist shape, keeping the watch from wobbling around. Its thinness and lightness add to its comfort and provide you with a seamless experience.

Are There Any Downsides?

One of the most glaring cons of wearing Solo Loop is that it causes a lot of sweat. It does not the pores under the silicone breathe, which causes an accumulation of sweat. Moreover, some users have complained their Solo Loops have developed micro-tears or have been completely ripped apart. It is not a widespread problem, but it is certainly out there.

Price & Availability

You can buy all Solo Loops directly from Apple’s website for $49 each.

The Sport Band

The Sport Band is another excellent choice offered by Apple, and you get in the box if you order Apple Watch Sport. Let us look at some of its aspects and see how it fares.


Apple offers three-band sizes. The first piece does not offer any variations in girth and is similar for everyone. The other two pieces come in different sizes that are S/M and M/L.

Design & Colors

Its shape is identical to other Apple Watch bands, but there are some differences in design. You get a clasp here to secure it. The clasp is also smooth, meaning you won’t stick it to something accidentally. Apple calls its material high-performance fluoroelastomer, a type of plastic.

The encasing of lugs in the band is a genius move by Apple, making the watch look premium and classy. The band has a matte texture, which feels nice to touch. It is available in nine colors that are dark cherry, black unity, marigold, clover, abyss blue, English lavender, starlight, red, and midnight.

Moreover, Apple has collaborated with Nike to offer perforated bands in magic ember/crimson bliss, olive-gray/cargo khaki, anthracite, midnight navy/mystic navy, and pure platinum.


Sport band will become a part of your body by blending seamlessly with your wrist. It is snugly and fits perfectly without any itch or discomfort whatsoever. It also does not move around waywardly, saving you the annoying torque you might face with other watchbands.

And when it gets dirty, a simple wipe can clean it up. The seven pinholes on both bands have equal spacing between them and overlap to fit your wrist. However, the holes do not sit on top of each other perfectly to provide a discrete wearing experience.

Fun Styles

You can explore a fun aspect of these bands if you want. Since they come in 5 different colors, you can replace the band and pair it with a contrasting clasp. It will create fun and color combinations that you might never have tried before.

For instance, the green and blue combination look fun, and you can wear it while sporting a blue shirt. However, you can always avoid these combinations if you lean more on the conventional side.

Are There Any Downsides?

The most troubling aspect of this band is the difficulty one faces in its attachment. It is tricky, and people with disabilities or shaky hands will have a hard time attaching it. You have to adjust to the motion of the band, which is not easy, or even possible, for everyone.

Price & Availability

Apple’s official website has Sport Bands available in all colors for $49 each.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How can I remove the band on my Apple Watch?

A: Press the release button at the center of the lugs and slide the band across. Remember that you do not need to force the band in or out of the lugs. If you are unable to remove or insert it, press the release button again.

Q: How much should I fasten the band on my Apple Watch?

A: The watchband should neither be too tight nor too loose. Ideally, it should touch your skin while leaving room for pores to breathe. This contact is crucial for Apple Watch to detect heart rate and other variables.

Q: How can I measure my wrist size correctly?

A: You can download the printable wrist size guide from Apple’s website and cut the wrist-sizing tool with scissors. Wrap it around your wrist and see which numbers the arrows point at, and that number will represent your wrist size.

Q. Should I buy the Solo Loop or the Sport Band?

A: It depends on multiple factors such as design, material, and wearability. If you are prone to profuse sweating, the silicone-made Solo Loop isn’t for you. On the other hand, the Sport Band will bug you if you have shaky hands. Both cost the same and offer good value for money.