Best Apple Watch Band For Running

Are you fond of running and want to observe your physiological parameters with the help of an Apple watch band? Running is good for health in the long term, but you may feel exhausted at the spot with excessive sweating. Imagine wearing a watch band that starts to itch due to the accumulation of sweat around it. Isn’t it good?

Obviously, you would choose that apple watch band to support you in the running rather than creating discomfort. And a little distraction can pull your focus from the running track, diverting your attention.

With the wide variety available in the market, you have to choose the best apple watch band for running. Running results in accelerated blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, and other parameters may also change. The watch should be efficient enough to detect these changes, and its band should resist sweat around the wrist.

What Qualities Should a Best Apple Watch Band for Running Have?

The best-chosen apple watch bands should have the following characteristics:

  • It should be comfortable while wearing
  • The band should overcome sweat and dry off quickly
  • It should not trap the sweat around or beneath it
  • Band material should not rust easily
  • Should be close fit enough to monitor the heart rate efficiently

Top 5 Best Apple Watch Bands for Running You Should Consider:

1. Apple Nike Sports Band

This Apple Nike sports band is the best option if you are concerned about wrist ventilation during running. These bands are much more comfortable with many perforations that allow moisture to escape and be breathable. Without moisture accumulation, this band makes it relatively easier to run and exercise vigorously in gyms.

Apart from these qualities, Apple Nike sports bands are easier to clean and more durable. They are stylish enough to glimpse the smartwatch’s premium look. Also, it is available in multiple colours so you can choose easily as per your taste.

Key Specs:

Watch Size: 38 to 44 mm

Wrist Sizes: One size

Material: Fluoroelastomer


  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Variety of colour options


  • One size only
  • Quite expensive

2. Apple Watch Sport Loop Band

Best Apple Watch Band For Running

If you are looking for a lightweight and efficient alternative to the original apple band, this is a viable option. These are super flexible and a lot more comfortable, made with the double-layered nylon weave. Its material prevents the odd smell even if you are sweating or doing any high-intensity exercise like vigorous running. 

Besides these, the Apple Watch sport loop band is very comfortable, softer, and super fit. Although these are lightweight, they still tend to be durable and robust enough to resist daily wear and tear.

These are available in a wide variety of colours and wrist sizes that can fit easily to everyone.

Key Specs:

Watch Size: 40-45 mm

Material: Fluoroelastomer

Wrist Size: Regular and XL


  • Designed for Apple Watch
  • Fit and comfortable.


  • Expensive

3. Nomad Sports Strap

Best Apple Watch Band For Running

Nomad sport strap is one of the best Apple Watch bands available in the market due to its magnificent features and comforts. It is made of vulcanised silicone and is highly stretchable. So, you can wear the Apple watch more tightly using this band without being uncomfortable.

Nomad sport strap is a considerable choice due to its antimicrobial properties. Running induces excessive sweating, and there is always a chance of bacterial growth from sweat and dead skin cells. This watch band prevents the growth of unnecessary bacteria, which would otherwise cause more harm than benefits.

Nomad sports strap is very much fit and comfortable, easy to adjust. However, it takes some time to get used to it, but it would be the best selection once you get comfortable.


  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Antimicrobial
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Not infinitely adjustable


Apple Watch Band For Running

If you are looking for a more protective band, this can be an excellent option. Sports like running are a vigorous activity, making you more prone to accidents like falling. This band is extraordinarily protective and highly durable to resist accidents and falls.

In addition to the ultra-durable band, it acts as a protective shield for the watch itself, which is waterproof and shockproof.

It comes in 8 different colours so that you can choose the desired one among those. This band would be significant if you have a smaller watch as it fits only 42-44 mm watch size.

Key Specs:

Watch Sizes: 42-44 mm

Material: Plastic and stainless steel

Wrist Sizes: One size


  • Affordable price range
  • Ultra protective


  • Not fit for smaller Apple Watch models

5. Aipeariful Nylon Solo Loop

If you search for a cheaper and comfortable replacement for the apple loop, then the Aipeariful nylon solo loop would be a good choice. It is pretty more inexpensive but is equally durable and unique in structure and consistency.

It is a lot more comfortable and doesn’t tend to leave the sweaty feel underneath the band that is felt by rubber sometimes. It is versatile and available in 15 different colours. It easily fits the watch sizes between 38-44 mm.

Don’t worry if this gets a little dirty, as it is washable despite having a fabric feel.

Key Specs:

Watch Size: 38-44mm

Material: Nylon

Wrist Sizes: One size


  • Variety of colour options available
  • Comfortable and breathable


  • Only one size

Features of the Best Apple Watch Band:

With the dense variety of brands available, choosing the right one and the best apple watch band is challenging. Different apple watch bands are ideal for running; however, it’s essential to know what to look for.


Running is a vigorous activity and involves your whole body, resulting in excessive sweating. The ideal watch band is the one that can allow adequate air circulation and is made from breathable material.

If your band is inappropriate and lacks this property, it makes you feel so hot and the sweat pools beneath the band. So, it’s better to choose wisely and keenly consider the breathability factor of the band you will buy.


Imagine if your watch band is loose or tight, and either you have to hold it or bear the pain due to tightness. You would be uncomfortable with that one, so selecting the fit one is the foremost factor to consider.

A comfortably fit Apple watch band is essential to accurately monitor the heart rate, blood pressure and other parameters accurately. Also, if you are running, you can only accurately measure the distance if the watch band is appropriately fit.

The best apple watch band is the one that fits firmly, not too loose nor tight. How can I choose the band which fits my wrist? Take a tape measure, and measure the circumference of your wrist before selecting the watch band. 

Also, look at the number of holes in the band and the distance between them, as it determines how accurately the band fits in your wrist. Choose the one with more holes with less space between them for better fitting comfort.


Although, comfort and fitness are the key factors in choosing the best apple watch brand. However, don’t forget the appearance and style factor of the watch. Different bands are available in the market with different colours, shapes and designs.

Some of the bands are very delicate and fashionable, and some have a sporty look that is the best fit for running. Choose the band based on appearance, and also it depends on how you are going to use it in the future. If you want the best apple watch band for running, choose the sporty look that is highly protective to avoid damage.


  1. How do I know what band I should buy for my Apple Watch?

Choosing the band depends on various factors; importantly, appearance, breathability and fitness are the leading ones. The choice of a band depends on your usage and wrist size. If you want the best apple watch band for running, measure your wrist size and buy the accurately sized band.

  1. Can I change my Apple Watch band daily?

Yes, you can change the Apple watch band daily depending on your choice. It doesn’t have any effect on the parameters or the watch. Or we can say that it’s purely a cosmetic choice and is not a problem at all.

  1. How can I wash my Apple watch band?

Use a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth to wipe the band clean, or you can slightly dampen the cloth before cleaning the band. You can also use mild, hypoallergenic hand soap for band cleaning. However, strictly dry the band with the lint-free non-abrasive cloth before attaching it to the apple watch.

  1. How long is the Apple Watch band?

The length of the Apple watch band is variable and usually ranges between 36mm to 44mm. However, you have to choose the correct size considering your wrist measurement and the watch model.

Bottom Line:

Apple watches are beneficial for running, as they accurately measure vital parameters and keep you updated. However, with the immense variety of watch bands, it’s important to choose the best apple watch band. With the qualities described above, you can easily select the best apple watch band for running. Importantly select the one which is best to deal with sweat and is highly protective.